Saturday, 9 March 2013

'Models Own' Nail Polish Review

Some of you may have read my previous post on my nails, and how they have grown!
So following this, I thought I should treat myself for all the hard work of not biting them in a while - my two week anniversary gift to myself! Any excuse would have done really, I fancied something a little different, and since I always had short nails, I've never felt the need to pamper them!

And where better to buy this? Boots of course!
After a good half an hour spent looking at all the variety of colours that Boots offered, I came out with these colours..
Pricing at £5 each - or Buy 1 get the 2nd Half Price!
So I spent a total of £7.50 for both of them, which I was pretty happy about.
I was expecting big things from the 'Models Own' Nail Polish after reading so much positive feedback on it and it's safe to say, it did not disappoint!
I've had so many compliments on the colour, and I also found that the polish is long lasting and quick drying.
These all go on smoothly and evenly, and you only need a couple of coats to get good colour pay-off. The brush isn't too thin either, so application is really easy.

I'm not sure why, but i just love the smell of this polish! It doesn't have the usual strong, nasty smell.. some of you may still think the smell of this polish is nasty - but i guess its just me.
You can purchase these here - the current offer is buy 2 for £8!
There are over 40 colours to choose from!
S, x

Monday, 4 March 2013

Sally Hansen- Maximum Growth Review

So everyone has a bad habit, right? Well, mines biting my nails.
 Nail biting is said to be a common oral compulsive habit. For me it's something that I never quite grew out of ever since a young age. Many things can trigger off the urge to bite them, for me it's boredom, nervousness, hunger or feeling stressed.
Till one day I just couldn't stand to look at my short, stubby nails any more and decided to stop, as easy as that!

I bought this nail treatment around two weeks ago, to give me that helping hand in speeding the growth of my nails. I started applying this polish every day like it advised me to on the box instructions and I noticed that my nails are visibly longer. However, that could just be because I haven't bit them in a long time!
Though what I did notice was that my nails were stronger immediately after application, and don't break as easily as they used to! I couldn't be happier with how my nails look now, such a transformation! 
You can buy this Nail Treatment at your local Boots store, or here - for £4.75.
 S, x