Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Outfit Of The Day 22.01.13

So I thought I'd start off our blog by talking you through one of my favourite 'every-day'outfits. I wore this casual yet smart outfit to uni yesterday.
And the great thing about this outfit is the price I paid for it - most of it is from Topshop and the Jumper is from New Look...Already you'll be thinking well over a £100...How rich is this girl?

In fact, I bought most of this outfit from the sales (I'm such a sucker for a good bargain!)

Boots - Topshop - £30
Tights - Topshop - £5
Demin Shorts - Topshop £7
Jumper - New Look - £16.99

I would definitely recommend the boots for £30! Especially since they are REAL leather..and go with virtually anything and not forgetting how comfy they are!

However, if you are relying on these boots to save you from slipping in the may need to think again, I've already experienced this first hand!

Check out the Topshop Sale here

S x