Saturday, 9 February 2013

Beauty Blender Review

After watching Millie Mackintosh's make up tutorial - I saw she had one of these funny looking egg shaped sponges. Turns out, this sponge has a lot of fans among celebrities and makeup artists who can't stop talking about it's flawless makeup application. So the big question - does the Beauty blender live up to all the hype?
The beauty blender has two uses, the flat bottom side of the sponge is used to apply foundation, by using the dabbing motion. Whereas the pointy side is used to apply concealer in tricky areas, such as under the eyes.
Important things to remember when using the beauty blender:
1. Always dampen the sponge before use.
You should notice that the sponge will increase in size.
2. Don't smear the make up on your face - blot it.
This isn't your normal sponge, so you shouldn't treat it like one. The purpose of the sponge is to 'blend' the make-up for a natural flawless look. To achieve this look it is essential to firstly, pump your preferred foundation onto the back of your hand. From there you can dab your beauty blender sponge and using the dabbing motions apply onto your face evenly.
3. Washing your beauty blender sponge.
To ensure your sponge is in tip top condition, you must wash your sponge after every use or as much as possible. You can find the original beauty blender cleanser on eBay or here. However, this can be quite costly ranging from £10-20. 
You can buy these Beauty blenders from eBay (which is where I purchased mine from) or online here - I've seen them around the larger Superdrug stores. Available in different colours - though original beauty blenders come in pink and white - and are washable & reusable.

I've swapped my foundation brush for the beauty blender sponge! Even though it may seem like a lot of effort- wetting & washing the sponge after every use. I've seen a significant difference in how well blended my foundation looks so I would highly recommend it.

You can check out Millie's tutorial here. The beauty Blender makes an appearance at 01:13.

S x