Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Not So Perfect Valentine's Gift

So most of you will have seen that I recently posted a blog post on what would make the perfect Valentine's gift, but what everyone forgets is what wouldn't make a good gift!
I've come up with the Top 8 gifts to avoid this Valentine's Day..
1. Chocolate - Get that stuff away from us! We're all probably finding our clothing tight this month, being so close to Christmas! We don't need any more temptations.
2. Fitness DVD/Books - Ohhh you're in the dog house. Unless of course your other half requests this, but the key is to remind her that she doesn't need it!
3. Under wear - Ok, so many girls would love to receive a nice under wear set. However, if you're not sure on your partners size.. do not risk it. Buying sets in the wrong size does nothing for the confidence. Trust me.
4. Fake jewellery/ Fake flowers - Do we look 5 years old?! No. We're not going to swallow or break the jewellery, so now that that's cleared up go ahead and grab the diamond.

5. Cheap Perfume - This is getting used on the dog. You may laugh now, but I'm being deadly serious.
6. Household Items - Ok, this is like receiving knitting needles, where's the fun in that?! Yes we'll give you points for thinking of a useful gift, but expect some fake smiles. Unless of course its a coffee machine, you're off the hook! Coffee is the new girls best friend!

7. Money - So there's two types of people.
     1- The girls which think that money given as a gift is the most un-thoughtful idea, in which case I advice staying well clear of the Mrs for a while.
     2- The girls which as soon as they see money, think 'oh I'm going to buy this, this AND this', in which case you're suddenly the best boyfriend/husband ever.
8. Nothing - Just because girls say "let's not do presents this year", it doesn't actually mean we meant it! Girls talk in codes, haven't you learnt anything?
So now you must be panicking, thinking what is there left to buy? Head over to my other post (by clicking here) for tips and gift ideas to make this Valentine's Day one to remember!

S, x