Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Epistick Facial Hair Removal Review

Now facial hair is something that many women and girls are embarrassed about. However, after doing some research myself and talking to some of my girl friends I found out that this problem is not as uncommon as you may think! According to an article from The Guardian titled "Women: Embrace your facial hair" 

'around 40% of women naturally have some sort of hair on their faces'

This statistic shocked me, I didn't realise just how many women had some facial hair.

Back in my school days, unwanted facial hair on my upper lip was something which made me very self conscious and I tried many methods to try and remove the hair. The method which I decided to stick with for many years was hair removal cream, because in my opinion it was easy to do, fairly quick and could be done in the comfort of my own home. However, there were some downsides to this hair removing method. Not only was the cream quite expensive, the smell was undesirable and it sometimes unexpectedly irritated my skin leaving it red and sore. 

It was only until I moved to Italy this year that I really started thinking about trying other hair removal options as I really didn't want to carry a year's worth of hair removal cream with me and I wanted to see if there were any better options out there.

 After doing some research on the Internet I found out in fact that there are many more options available to girls with unwanted facial hair and it is definitely worth looking at options which might suit you. Here are just some of the other methods I read about:
  • Waxing- Although easy, quick and fairly cheap I did not favour this method for two reasons. Firstly, whenever I have tried waxing strips at home they have not always worked and I always find myself hanging around too scared to take the strips off myself. Secondly, even though I think getting professionally waxed is a better method for me, I knew that I would not keep to going to the beautician every 2 weeks.
  • Threading - Now I really like threading and I usually get my eyebrows threaded as I like the shape and it is usually quick and virtually pain free! Prices are low and it is now becoming increasingly easy to find salons which offer this treatment.
  • Shaving
  • Electrolysis
  • Laser
  • IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light)
These last 3 methods I can't really comment on not having used these, but you can find out more about all these methods here.

Epistick Facial Hair Removal

I came across the product which I will be reviewing here by accident when I searched for hair removal tools on eBay  This product fascinated me as it doesn't look anything like I have used before therefore I was intrigued to see if it worked. You can find many sellers of the Epistick Facial Hair Removal on eBay and Amazon, but I used this seller.  It costs £1.67 including UK shipping and with this little price tag I thought it was worth a try and I am so glad I did! I have been using this stick for just over a month now and I am converted! I haven't touched hair removal creams since as I have found this stick does the job perfectly.

The Epistick is a lightweight spring with two handles on either side, although it might not look like much do not be deceived by the simple appearance!The Epistick embodies threading technique. By holding the pink handles and bending the stick in half and rolling inwards towards your skin, the springs tighten and when you pull the spring away from your face you pull out any unwanted hairs from the root, slowing down the re-growth process. Just that simple! It takes as little as a few minutes but it really does work!

I must admit the first few times I found the process a little painful as I was not used to it, but within a week the process was virtually pain-free. I find that I use the Epistick once or twice a week and it leaves the skin smooth and hair free. This is by far the best upper lip facial hair removal technique I have tried, it's easy, quick, cheap and now virtually pain free.

I, x